Want to travel the world making six figures with nothing but your wit and a laptop?

You’re in the wrong place.

A realistic approach to helping you learn the business of copywriting.

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You won’t make a decent living sitting by a pool in Bali writing copy

That bubble’s getting popped right now.

You see, your copywriting business is no different to running any other business. It’s hard work:


If any of the above ring true, you need my help.

What makes me qualified?

Look, I can’t help you make £200,000 a year. If you know how to do that, I’m all ears! You teach me.

But in my first year as a freelance copywriter, I made about £35,000. And it’s improved every year since. 

That’s pretty good going in my books, and is more than enough to support my little family.

I’m a decent copywriter. I’m a better businessman. And that’s what I’ll help you with: The business of copywriting.

What we’ll cover

- Inbound marketing
- Outbound marketing
- Your copywriter website
- What to charge clients
- How to talk about money
- Your copywriting processes
- Red flags to avoid troublesome clients
- And anything else you want to learn

What we won’t cover

Copywriting basics:

I’m gonna assume you have a basic knowledge of copywriting. If you don’t, then you should invest in a course as that’s far better value for money for you right now.

There are plenty of decent courses out there. I don’t have one (yet) but am always happy to have a chat and recommend one I think is right for you.

Ballpark Figures

All these prices are a rough guide. Think of them as starting from prices.

Get in touch and I’ll give you a set-in-stone price before we start any work.

Monthly Plan

Monthly Coaching Call + Two Hour Email Support.

£175 per month (no contract)

Three Week Intensive

Two Calls a Week.

£500 upfront payment

Six-month plan

Six coaching calls and 12 hours email support.

£720 (£120 per month)

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