Promote your business with video and animation…

… without looking like a desperate TikTok millennial.

I will write an entertaining, but sales-focussed script so you reach and convert more new customers.

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Grey Funny Cat Posing
Woman cooking healthy food in the kitchen
Cute funny baby looking surprised.

Cat videos. Baby videos. Cooking videos. Sad videos… the world is obsessed with video.

So if you’re not already using video and animation to promote your business, you’re missing a trick.

Why invest in video and animation?

Who would benefit from animation and video?

My video and animation scriptwriting services work especially well if you:

Service-based business

Video is your chance to show people what they’re paying for. Animated explainer videos give your audience in insight into your process.

Physical products that need a demo

I don’t know about you, but if I’m being so much as a set of ear plugs on Amazon, I’ll pick a product with a video over one without every single time.

You need an elevator pitch to work 24/7 for you

If your website or social media gets a lot of traffic, having an animated elevator pitch will do 99% of the selling for you before you even get on the phone with someone.

Proof’s in
the Pudding

Ballpark Figures

All these prices are a rough guide. Think of them as starting from prices.

Get in touch and I’ll give you a set-in-stone price before we start any work.

New Clients?

90-second scripts from £550

Existing Client?

90-second scripts from £350

Full Package

Script writing AND animation - £1300

Let's Have a Chat About Your Project

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