• Alex Thompson

5 Menswear Bargains Online Right Now

I love buying clothes, but I can be a right stingy fucka, so I love finding a bargain even more.

Uncharacteristically, I’ve recently decided to treat myself to a few ‘bits and bobs’. While searching the net high and low for deals, here are five menswear bargains that are online right now (as of Thursday 23rd April).

1. Ted Baker Eshron Plimsolls £31-£36 (was £79)

The PERFECT summer shoe. Ted currently has these available in cream, grey, stone and navy.

I’ve got a pair of the cream crepes sat snug in their box under my bed for summer, while the navy pair is my ‘smart/casual’ everyday shoe.

They’ll look great with shorts, but match cropped smart trousers too thanks to their chunky soles.

I love them because they’re a touch more understated than Converse, and at £31 you won’t find a better-quality pair of trainers on the market right now.

Buy them from Ted Baker here.

2. Lavard Olive Blazer £90 (was £179.99)

Your first thought looking at this is probably going to be “it’s far too hot to buy that” and you could be right.

However, the gilet inside of this jacket is detachable, and in the PM in the UK it’s always cool enough to wear a blazer.

This jacket is so versatile and smart that I don’t know why I haven’t bought one yet.

The elbow pads are just the right touch of ‘country-chic’ without making you look like a wanker.

Buy it from Master Debonair here.

3. Arne Trousers £30 (was £45)

If you look at the prices, you’re not saving that much money, but, I’ll explain why these are an absolute bargain now.

I’ve been looking for a pair of trousers to wear when working from home that aren’t joggers and definitely not jeans. Although I like wearing jeans to go out, I wouldn’t dream of wearing them in the house.

As for chinos, I haven’t worn a pair since I used to step out in full swag dripping in All Saints. You remember those bellends that used to wear tight-fitting, scoop-neck t-shirts with carrot-cut chinos with pins in the ankles? Yeah, that was me.

So I found these trousers from Arne and decided to give them a bash in black and navy and they’re great.

My Dad recently joked saying that since I’m due to be a father in a few weeks, I’ll be buying some elasticated trousers. Well, he was right, but the joke’s on him because these Arne trousers are great.

They fit nice and snug around the ankles, and once you turn the bottoms up to hide the zip, they could be mistaken for black jeans or dark chinos. Why’s that so good? Because they’re as comfy as joggers.

As you can tell, I love these. 10/10. Will definitely buy again.

You can get them here.

4. All Saints Prospect Shirt £29.60 (was £75)

I’ve just been throwing some shade at All Saints, but I do still like them. (I just don’t look like a twat that wears them head-to-toe anymore).

And I’d never in a million years pay £75 for this, but it’s definitely worth thirty quid.

Finding a decent fitting, bright white shirt is so difficult, but this is perfect.

And would you look at that? It matches the Arne trousers and Ted Baker plimsolls.

It might even work with the gilet removed from the Lavard blazer. What do you think? I’ll have to try that out.

Buy it from All Saints here.

5. Uniqlo T-Shirt £9.90 (was £9.90)

No savings here, but if you’re anything like me and you hate throwing away multiple t-shirts every year because they wash out of shape and look crap after a few wears, you’ll appreciate this t-shirt.

I’ve got a couple of black ones that I’ve had for five years and they’re still going strong.

Yup. Five years.

My white t’s would have lasted that long too if I didn’t leave a blue sock in my whites that one time…

You’ll have to keep checking the Uniqlo website since these are so popular they sell out pretty quickly. If you’re ANYWHERE other than Newcastle, you’ll be lucky enough to have a shop that you can get one from.


Let me know if you decide to buy any of these. I wish I was an influencer and had some code to save you more money (and make myself some sweet commission), but I’m not.

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