• Alex Thompson

What Do Your Business and the Gym Have in Common?

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Imagine this scenario:

You see a picture of someone you admire. Perhaps it's this one...

And you think to yourself:

That's what I want.

So you dig out your old trainers, head down to your local leisure centre and copy the other people in the gym, right?

You try and mimic their style and their form, but after a while you realise they’re much bigger than you. Some of those guys look like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger.

You need to lose weight and trim down, so how do you know that copying them will give you the outcome you want?

Copying a technique that works for someone else doesn't mean it’s going to work for you.

You go home and do some research about how to train. You watch some videos, read a few articles, download an app and head back to the gym.

Armed with your new knowledge, you think you’re smashing it.

Ten minutes in, you hear a crack.

People rush over and ask if you’re okay. Some people even laugh.

How the hell did this happen? You spent hours reading about training online and while you were exercising your form looked right to you when you checked in the mirror.

Now what do you have to show for all the time and energy you spent trying to do it yourself?

You’re worse off than when you started.

Just because it looks good to you, doesn’t mean it is going to get you the results you want.

You realise you’re no expert, so you eventually hire a professional to help you.

Your Personal Trainer:

  • Writes you a meal plan.

  • Creates a work out guide for you.

  • Checks your form and makes sure you’re pushing yourself.

Your PT guides you to your goal. And with their help, you smash it.

Hiring a professional to help will save you time and effort.

But let’s think really lazily here. You with me?

Yeah, the personal trainer laid out the blueprint for you, but you still had to get your arse out of bed and do the work.

Now think of your business as the gym.

Have you looked at your competitors and tried to mimic their success?

- Your unique selling point will be different, and you may be at different stages in your business, so how do you know your goals are the same?

Did you go away and spend a while researching “how to write your own copy”?

- You gave it a go, only for someone to point out a spelling or grammar error?

- Perhaps someone mentioned that they don’t understand your product or service?

You’ve wasted leads! Money down the drain.

Now it’s time to bring in the professionals.

Unlike your personal trainer, a copywriter will:
  • Do the heavy lifting

  • The running

  • The sit-ups, squats

  • And everything else to get the results you want...

FOR you!

No need to get out of bed to go running in the rain, or to get up early to pain over writing another blog to keep your content fresh.

By hiring a copywriter like me, your business gets a six pack, becomes a marathon runner and model all in one…

and all you have to do is have a quick chat with me.

You outsource your accounts, so do yourself a favour and outsource your marketing to a trained professional.

Buy yourself more time to reinvest in your business, or lighten the load.

What does more time look like to you?

  • More time to spend with the kids?

  • Finishing work at 5pm like the good old days?

  • More holidays?

  • More time to branch out into other avenues of business?

  • A weight off your shoulders?

Stick to what you’re good at, and I’ll stick to what I’m good at:

Making business owners like you more money.

Email me now to book your FREE 60-minute discovery meeting.

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